I Have To Write What Now?

The latest assignment in MIDL 425 is to write a memoir. What’s a memoir, you ask? When you google the word memoir, this pops up: “An autobiography or a written account of one’s memory of certain events or people.”

We have been completing exercises that are supposed to help us come up with an idea to write about. My life is extremely boring and these exercises haven’t been helping me. The only things I am coming up with are stories about my cats (my first cat and my current cat). The story I came up with about my first cat, Mr. Missy, is sad but I don’t want to tell a sad story. I thought of things that I have done with my current cat, Lyda. After much thought, a more entertaining story came to mind.

That’s a picture of my cat, Lyda. The story I came up with about her is about the time that my brothers and I wanted to take her for a walk. We had seen cat paw prints in the snow that winter and thought it would be the coolest thing to take Lyda outside. We went to Wal-Mart and bought her a harness and a retractable leash. By the time spring came around, she had grown larger and we had to go buy another harness, this time for the size of a medium dog! We were so excited to take her outside and let her explore, but we weren’t prepared for what would happen next.

I think this is the story I might write about. I want to write a happy and/or silly story, and I think this story will work great. Now to get writing…


Once Upon a Time There Was a Digital Story….

In class we were shown a variety of examples of digital stories. After reading Chapter 3 of “Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?“, I wanted to look into digital storytelling more. I went to YouTube and looked up different videos on what a digital story is and examples of digital stories. Below is a video I found that explains how to write a digital story.

I loved the idea of creating digital stories. I think that this is a great alternative to creating a book of stories in a classroom. When I was in elementary school we would write a story and illustrate it by hand. We were limited by our artistic ability to fully illustrate our story. With digital storytelling, students have the opportunity to use real photographs of the event to tell a story. I feel that using real pictures to tell the story helps the reader see and put themselves into the story. Creating digital stories also gives students more options to express their creativity.

Digital stories also give students who have a fear of public speaking the ability to share their work. The digital story will already have a voice recorded telling the story, all the student has to do is click play. I think this is a great way to have all students share their work with the class. Teachers can also use digital stories to host a book reading in their classroom. In elementary school, my brother’s second grade class hosted an event like this. Parents came to the classroom to listen to their child read the story the child created. I was invited to this event as it was at the end of the school day and my teacher let me go to his classroom in Pod 2, which happened to be the same pod I was in. I noticed that some of the students stumbled over the words they wrote. If digital storytelling had been around then, this would have been a great way to present the best work that the student created.

I would definitely implement this concept into my classroom. I think it’s a fun change to the way class is run and the students would enjoy it.

Poetry Schmoetry.

Poetry has always been difficult for me. I was taught early on that poetry has a rhyming pattern. Now when I see poems that do not rhyme, I do not consider them poems. To me, poetry that doesn’t have a rhyming pattern is just a paragraph



to look like a poem.

Teachers have always told me that it is much harder to write poetry that rhymes. I have also been told that sometimes getting the lines to rhyme creates a less than satisfactory poem. I have always enjoyed the challenge of rhyming the lines, normally in an A-A-B-A-B pattern. I just don’t think that free-verse is a poem.

As an assignment for MIDL 425, we have to write five poems. I was excited at first! I love to write haikus (I occasionally write them when I’m bored) and wanted to write them all in this style. Once I learned that we have to write at least two poems in free-verse, I was kind of upset. I started to write poems that didn’t rhyme but I just kept throwing them away. It might just be my opinion, but I thought they were terrible. I’ve tried to write poems without rhyming patterns but I am having a lot of trouble trying to get them to sound good. I will keep trying to get these poems to sound good, and hopefully I will have good news to report in my next post!