Poetry Schmoetry.

Poetry has always been difficult for me. I was taught early on that poetry has a rhyming pattern. Now when I see poems that do not rhyme, I do not consider them poems. To me, poetry that doesn’t have a rhyming pattern is just a paragraph



to look like a poem.

Teachers have always told me that it is much harder to write poetry that rhymes. I have also been told that sometimes getting the lines to rhyme creates a less than satisfactory poem. I have always enjoyed the challenge of rhyming the lines, normally in an A-A-B-A-B pattern. I just don’t think that free-verse is a poem.

As an assignment for MIDL 425, we have to write five poems. I was excited at first! I love to write haikus (I occasionally write them when I’m bored) and wanted to write them all in this style. Once I learned that we have to write at least two poems in free-verse, I was kind of upset. I started to write poems that didn’t rhyme but I just kept throwing them away. It might just be my opinion, but I thought they were terrible. I’ve tried to write poems without rhyming patterns but I am having a lot of trouble trying to get them to sound good. I will keep trying to get these poems to sound good, and hopefully I will have good news to report in my next post!


One thought on “Poetry Schmoetry.

  1. It is great that you love to play with rhyme and that you enjoy the process of creating rhythm with words. 🙂 Rhyming, as we talked about in class, is not always easy for kids and can sometimes limit what they might otherwise say. I wanted you all to have options but also to try some things that might be a bit out of your comfort zone as that is what you want to do with your students. I love READING rhyming or rhythmic poetry, but would prefer to write free verse. 🙂

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