Some of my favorite poets are Robert Frost, Dr. Seuss, and Edgar Allan Poe. Below you will find a collection of poems that I have written.

Where I’m From

(inspired by George Ella Lyon)

*          *          *

I’m from jaggerbushes,

from “cricks” and pop.

I am from Pittsburghese.


I am from camping trips,

sitting around the fire and cooking s’mores.

Swimming all day and playing cards all night.


I’m from family time,

from childish comedy and “the tickle test.”

I am from a loving family.


I’m from musicals,

playing the flute and tap dancing.

I am from the arts.


I’m from beach trips,

swimming in the ocean and tanning

with my immediate and extended family.


I’m from Steelers Country,

P. I. T. T. Let’s go PITT!

three strikes, you’re out!


I’m from Pennsylvania.

*          *          *

– Stefany Stofko 2012

The Closed Door

(inspired by William Carlos Williams)

*          *          *

So much depends upon

a black closed door

keeping the fluffy orange cat

inside the house.

*          *          *

– Stefany Stofko 2012


*          *          *

– Stefany Stofko 2012


The groundhog has said

winter will last six more weeks.

I hate the groundhog.

*          *          *

– Stefany Stofko 2012

My Poem

My poem is awesome,

Your poem is not.

My poem has rhyme

Your poem has plot.


Everybody knows

rhyming is better

when you get to rhyme

two phrases together!


Okay, that rhyme

was kind of iffy.

Don’t worry though

This poem will get better in a jiffy!


By now this poem is getting

a bit excessive,

but admit it,

you think it’s impressive!


Now I think it’s time for me to go.

I’ve got other things to do, you see.

One more thing before I leave,

here’s a goodbye to you from me!

*          *          *

– Stefany Stofko 2012


3 thoughts on “Poetry

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  2. The mouse poem was so cute! I am also obsessed with PITT as well so I really liked how you added that into your about me poem! I loved the poem you read in class as well because it was funny and not serious 🙂

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