Finally, My First Classroom Visit

Yesterday I was finally able to visit my PS2 classroom. I had to plan to go over Spring Break because the school didn’t have school on the Friday before break. I was so excited to meet the students I will be working with in a few weeks! When I arrived at the school I met my co-op and the other teachers in the classroom around his. Then I found out that I am unable to go into the classroom for the next visit day because student teachers aren’t allowed in the classroom at all during PSSA testing. Oh joy. I am really glad that I decided to go yesterday otherwise I would have only had one visit before we go for the full four weeks! I still don’t have any idea what I am supposed to do for our unit plan assignments, so I am really looking forward to working on that…

Anyway, back to the school day. There are 8 periods during the day, 7 are actual class time. In period 6 before lunch, my co-op has planning time which is also a resource time. Students are able to come into his classroom to receive help with any math questions they have. My co-op had to run to the office at the beginning of this period, so I waited to see if any students would come over. I had a few students come over for help. I was so excited to work one-on-one with them!

My co-op has 3 Seventh Grade and 4 Sixth Grade math classes. The Seventh Grade classes were reviewing proportions while the Sixth Grade classes were using a website called Study Island to review for the PSSAs. This site lets teachers create a combination of questions to help the students study based on their needs. The teacher can select which subjects need reviewed and Study Island prepares different questions for the students to complete. The cool thing about this program is that the questions are always different. Students cannot share answers between classes because none of the questions are the same. The students respond to the answers in class with clickers. The answers that the students choose do not show up on the page, the only thing that appears is a check mark saying that they answered the question. This helps prevent embarrassment if the student chooses the wrong answer. The teacher can later look at who chose what answer to help out individual students.

I really enjoyed my first day in the classroom, even though the only thing I did was sit in the back of the class and observe. I cannot wait to go back on March 30th with a “Get to Know You” activity to complete with the classes.