Finally Done! Reflecting on My Writing Process Never Felt So Relieving.

While reflecting back on my memoir writing process, I realize it was a long one but not as hard as I imagined it would be. The writing exercises we did in class really helped me find a topic. The one I think helped the most was when we had to write five names of people/animals that are important to us. After that we focused in on one person/animal, in my case my pet cat. We had to write five descriptor words about who we chose. Then we wrote a location of an event and wrote five words that came to mind when we think of the event. Finally we started to write a story about the event. This definitely helped me to choose the story of when I took my cat outside. The other activities we did didn’t really help me choose this topic, rather it helped me eliminate story ideas.

The digital story probably helped me the most in my writing process. I wrote out the script for the digital draft on my iPad and read from it as I made my video. I actually used this draft to write my memoir. I basically took the same sentences as an outline and added more details in. I think this was really effective and helped to keep me on track when writing my memoir.

When working with the final memoir group, I didn’t really get much from it. I think it would have been more beneficial to work with the fresh set of eyes before the day the memoir is due. That way if we were given suggestions to change something, we would have had the chance to edit it before we had already submitted our memoir for grading.

I think this memoir process has opened my eyes to a new way of brainstorming. I never thought to make a video or do the activities we did to come up with an idea. I was always told that brainstorming was writing things down on paper and making some sort of chart out of it. I definitely think the activity I named above is a better way for a person with my learning style to brainstorm. It was much easier being guided through the process rather than just doing it on my own. Usually I don’t even brainstorm before writing because I’m terrible at it and it never really helps me. Now that I have tried this new way of brainstorming, I will definitely implement it in my future classroom. Of course I will allow students to use other methods of brainstorming. One method is not always the best method for everyone. I’m just glad that I was able to try out a different method to better help my students.