Poetry Schmoetry.

Poetry has always been difficult for me. I was taught early on that poetry has a rhyming pattern. Now when I see poems that do not rhyme, I do not consider them poems. To me, poetry that doesn’t have a rhyming pattern is just a paragraph



to look like a poem.

Teachers have always told me that it is much harder to write poetry that rhymes. I have also been told that sometimes getting the lines to rhyme creates a less than satisfactory poem. I have always enjoyed the challenge of rhyming the lines, normally in an A-A-B-A-B pattern. I just don’t think that free-verse is a poem.

As an assignment for MIDL 425, we have to write five poems. I was excited at first! I love to write haikus (I occasionally write them when I’m bored) and wanted to write them all in this style. Once I learned that we have to write at least two poems in free-verse, I was kind of upset. I started to write poems that didn’t rhyme but I just kept throwing them away. It might just be my opinion, but I thought they were terrible. I’ve tried to write poems without rhyming patterns but I am having a lot of trouble trying to get them to sound good. I will keep trying to get these poems to sound good, and hopefully I will have good news to report in my next post!